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Teldery – an exchange for buying and selling sites, domains, channels and groups in social networks

Telderi - exchange for buying and selling sites

One of the goals of creating sites and groups is the subsequent sale. The algorithm is simple: a website is created, filled with content, untwisted, acquired by visitors, then sold. For many craftsmen, such a business is a livelihood. There are other reasons for selling – perhaps the creator has lost time to engage in the project and it is easier to sell the project, to get some profit.

In both cases, a buyer is needed. When someone is looking for a buyer, the right way is to submit an ad to the appropriate newspaper. In the case of the site, everything is about the same. There are platforms that combine buyers with the seller. Prices here vary greatly, depending on many factors. In addition, there are auctions where the price is set by auction rules.

Telderi – Specialized in auction sales of websites, groups and domains. The exchange has been operating since 2011, when in Russia this method of earning began to spread in large quantities. Webmasters started creating sites, initially targeting sales. Today, the exchange has experience in more than 100,000 transactions.

What is Telderi exchange and how can you make money on it

How to make money on Telderi

As already noted, telderi ru exchange sites where transactions are conducted on the basis of the auction. This is beneficial if you look a little, and most importantly – the buyer is faster. The exchange is a store where the buyer – the owner of the website, domain, group can put up for sale his brainchild. You must specify all the parameters of the product, attendance, level of profitability. You can set almost any price, realizing that the buyer will make a decision based on it. Typically, the price is set at about 15 times the monthly income from the project.

Teldery is an exchange of sites and domains, which means you can make money on it. The essence of earnings is simple. If you are creating websites, then just start selling them. In case you know how to promote ready-made projects, as an option to buy a community, improve its performance and resell. Profitability is provided due to the time spent on the project. If you bought a group for 2000 rubles with zero profitability, in a month brought it to a profitability of 500 rubles, then you can safely set the price at 7000 rubles. Hence, your income is 5,000 rubles. As a rule, work is carried out on several projects at once, increasing income.

Advantages and disadvantages of the teldery exchange

Telderi Exchange Benefits

Any phenomenon has its positive and negative sides. Teldery also has one. We list the advantages:

  • Auction principle of price construction;
  • Guaranteed net deal;
  • Adequate support, from which you do not have to wait a long time for an answer;
  • Large selection of websites;
  • Popularity and long experience of the site;

It is these advantages that sellers like. We are talking about the site in terms of earnings, so we should note the convenience of sales and guarantees. However, often in controversial issues, support takes the side of the seller, so buyers remain unhappy with the exchange. This is the first important minus, consider the others:

  • Big commission;
  • Frequent cases of fraud;
  • Availability of prepayment;
  • Lack of competition, which is bad;

In the absence of alternatives, you have to turn a blind eye to the shortcomings and try to avoid them, which will be discussed below.

How to buy a website or group on Telderi

The buying process is not complicated. First, decide which version of the lot is needed. A website with a domain, a website without a domain, and a domain are available for purchase. To fine tune other parameters, it is recommended to use a filter. What is available in it?

  • Price. There are three options: optimal, current and damn price. Specify the size and choose one option;
  • Income and expenses. This is information and how much the further service will cost and how much the purchase will bring profit;
  • SEO and traffic. Various characteristics from the field of SEO. If they are important (and this is a fairly important part of the filter), then set the values ​​you need;
  • Theme. If you are looking for a product of a certain subject, for further reference, check the boxes in the necessary paragraphs;
  • The age of the site. It is recommended to consider for purchase no less than six months;
  • Domain zones;

An experienced webmaster can fine tune the filter and select an option from the ones offered. But if you do not often buy sites, it is important not to rush to the first counter offers, but to evaluate the product from all sides. What can be learned from the description?

Evaluate the seller’s description style, it should not be in doubt. Of course, there will be laudatory words, but they should be supported by evidence. Estimate the income and expenses that the product provides. From the SEO description, analyze so that there are no sharp jumps in traffic.

When you stop the choice on a specific product, be sure to get in touch with the seller, evaluate the adequacy of the answers to your questions. In this case, you can ask a couple of test questions, duplicating the information from the description.

Haggle, this is an auction, do not rush to buy according to the blitz option. As a rule, the seller takes off the cost, also realizing what is at the auction.

Which websites are better for investing money in Telderi?

If you decide to purchase a site, then you clearly want to invest. After all, it requires investment, but if properly managed, it brings more income. Income may be, for example, through affiliate programs. Read about how to make money on affiliate programs in a separate article. Not all websites are equally profitable, on the Telderi service literally all options and varieties are presented. We will analyze, as an option, more profitable.

Globally, there are two types of purchases:

  1. A ready-made option, starting to generate income from the first month;
  2. Development project, potentially generating greater revenue in the future.

It is recommended to buy 2-3 ready-made options for a start, the rest to be acquired for development. Regarding topics, the selection algorithm is as follows:

  • Stop shopping for adult websites, extremist content, medical, alcohol, tobacco, misleading content;
  • Choose a topic that is close to you, whether it is fishing, computer games, photography. Developing congenial products is easier and more reliable;
  • Remember that entertainment content is popular, about making money on the Internet, about finances for a simple layman. Everyone is interested in this, the rest are interest clubs;

The purchase of VK groups in telderi is also common, and the topic should be chosen on the same principle. If you are a blogger on YouTube or a telegram, then it is possible to sell the channel on Teldery.

How to sell your website or group, channel on Teldery

The resource is interesting to sellers. When developing projects, webmasters do this in order to earn money on the teledery exchange. This is one way to make money on your blog. Usually sellers expose:

  • your only site, which is fed up with further or no opportunity;
  • created specifically for sale, one of many of the same;
  • previously purchased on the exchange, twisted for sale. Earnings on the difference in value.

Consider a brief algorithm on how to sell a website on Teldery. On the main page, click the “sell site” button. Choose the type of content you are selling: website, domain, or both at once. Fill in all the fields, starting with the title, description, tell us about the costs of maintaining the site and the income that it brings. Cost and payment methods are the last thing to indicate. The more thoroughly, openly and efficiently you present your product, the more confidence there will be in it.

It is important to understand that it is not profitable to deceive the buyer here. The buyer, having received the goods, will quickly see the real picture. Your review may affect the rating, which is important for future sales.

Periodically monitor the status of the transaction. Buyers will bet, maybe someone will buy at a blitz price if you use it. If you are asked a question about the project – provide a detailed answer, this will be accepted with confidence. After the completion of bidding, select the buyer and proceed to the transaction.

You are given a certain time to transfer the website and domain. This process is not easy for beginners, but familiar to experienced. Different domains have different methods of transferring rights. For example, Russian ones are more picky about registration of rights, while international ones can be issued online. Beginners are not particularly worried, as the site will offer detailed instructions specifically for your case. Just follow her every step.

Is it worth a beginner to buy and sell sites in Telderi

A beginner will never change his status if he does not receive practice. Teldery has no significant competitors, so if you are new to this business and decide to start buying / selling, then there are no other options. Making money on the telderi exchange on sales is a good option for gaining experience. The service will even help in becoming, as it is adapted for any level of knowledge.

The creation and promotion of blogs, web resources, groups and communities is gaining popularity. It’s one thing to develop a group for yourself. But if you have perfected your skills and are ready to create dozens of communities, websites, then of course you need to sell them.

Knowing the simple nuances of working at Teldery, you will quickly leave the status of a “novice”, begin to feel comfortable in this direction. The service has a number of measures against fraudsters, which makes it even more attractive for newcomers.

How to avoid fraud on Telderi ru exchange and not be deceived

First of all, choose a “safe transaction type” in the first step. The exchange will record the amount and the buyer, transferring it only after the transfer of rights. This protects the buyer in the first place. Other important aspects are indicators of the site, its statistical data. Take a look at the following things:

  • Wrapped attendance. Look at the schedule and see if there are any sharp jumps in attendance, which can be said about the markup;
  • Wrapping cost. Since the sale is carried out according to the auction type, the seller can create several accounts and fill the price so that the true buyer tries to “overcome” it. Some artificial overestimation. If there is a suspicion, contact support;
  • The hanged rates of return. Usually a website is sold for a price of 12-20 times the monthly income. This is the payback period. Pay attention to the moderated income. They are marked with a green daw. Better if there are screenshots.

In general, Telderi does not take root in fraud, as there is a system of ratings and reviews. Therefore, this list of recommendations is sufficient to start work. With experience, you yourself will gain the skills to pay attention to the necessary and important indicators that may cause suspicion.

Telderi ru exchange reviews

Of course, most of the reviews indicate that the site has no alternative. There are no worthy competitors of this scale. In fairness, I must say that the exchange does not use this, but shows the proper level of development.

Reading reviews about the telderi exchange, it is clear that, in general, both buyers and sellers are satisfied with their work. Support takes a position of justice, protects the interests of both parties. Among the reviews there were about 5% of dissatisfied users. But an analysis of the discontent reveals the uniqueness of their story. The problems they described in the reviews were not widespread and were often subsequently resolved by arbitration.

As a result

If in Western countries this type of activity has been developed for a long time, then in Russia and the CIS, the massive creation of websites began in 2007-2010. Then many began to earn it. Demand generated supply; as a result, the Telderi resource appeared. Today, more than 230,000 users successfully use the functionality of the site, buying and selling websites, domains and groups. The main thing that the exchange gives is security.

The cost of sites is not small, it is important that the transactions are protected. Beware of one-on-one transactions without using specialized platforms, this can be dangerous for your wallet.

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