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How to make money on the Brave Internet browser without attachments

Earnings on the Brave browser

There are endless ways to make money on the Internet, new opportunities appear every year. It’s nice when income is also passive. Passive earnings on the Internet are either associated with sufficient investments, or is insignificant – this is the statistics of the majority.

Among other things, there are exceptions – methods that do not need investments, but bring a pleasant income with the possibility of investment. We will consider one of such methods below. This is the program Brave – a browser that is gaining popularity due to its features.

What is Brave browser like?

Initially, Brave is a regular browser, that is, a program for surfing the Internet. Its differences from their own kind are significant. Considering it as a browser, it is important to note:

  • Fast download speed of web pages;
  • The ability to block ads using regular means;
  • The ease of the program, its consumption of computer resources is minimal;
  • The presence of a mobile version;
  • Built-in VPN
  • The ability to synchronize bookmarks when switching from other Web browsers;

These advantages equate the functionality of the Brave with others, which is already attractive. Many users are accustomed to using a certain famous program, such as Chrome or Opera, because of the communication system through the entered profile. Such a system makes it possible to view content on any device without much difficulty. But it’s time to leave this approach in the past, since synchronization is now available between systems.

We are considering making money on the brave browser, so it’s important to say how you can make money with it.

Why and for what Brave browser pays money

Brave browser pays money

Such a nuance as making a profit from using a web browser is alarming. But with a detailed examination of the process, no catch was noticed. It’s all about changing the principles of money distribution. It’s no secret that the Internet is a huge pile of money that users usually don’t get. On the contrary, if we assume that time is money, then such an important resource is lost by users. The creators of Brave (and headed by the creator of the famous Mozilla B. Eich, he also created JavaScript) today solve two main tasks for promotion:

  1. Distribution of the program among users. Paying money in such cases works better than advertising. Referrals do the work for them;
  2. Expansion of partners willing to pay for advertising in Brave. Yes, there is advertising here, but by default it is off. When you turn on the Brave browser, earnings will increase. The intensity of the ad stream is customizable here.

Where does the money come from? The user earns the first 5 dollars for registration. This is the referral program in action. In general, there are several sources of income:

  • Actually “referral”;
  • It is possible, after inclusion in the Brave menu, earnings from viewing advertisements;
  • Receiving incentive funds from readers. This functionality is available in the browser as a kind of compensation to the creators of the sites, because the ads placed on their pages do not work. Whether such an approach will gain popularity in different countries is still worth evaluating over time;

It is in these ways that manufacturers are currently trying to encourage users. But that is not all. Funds credited as bonuses are BAT cryptocurrency. This currency, which is gaining momentum in popularity, has been growing in price constantly since the month of March, so storing profits in tokens will give an even greater increase in income. Today, in June 2020, BAT is on the 31st position in the MarketCap rating, which is a worthy result. If desired, tokens can be easily withdrawn by converting into a familiar currency.

How to register in the Brave browser – step by step instructions

To start a full-fledged work in Brava, you need to register a personal account. Surfing sites is possible without this, but we have not only surfed. Registration takes place using an email address and a telephone (two-level protection).

After installing the program and its Russification through the settings, you will need to click the Sign Up button on the start page. A line appears to enter the mail address. After clicking on “create an account”. Next, you need to add a channel through which you will distribute the program among other users (this is one of the conditions for earning). Add one of the methods, for example, the channel address on YouTube. You should not be afraid, since the channel on this video hosting is registered with one click, if you have Google mail. Otherwise, you can select a website or something else from the list.

On this registration is considered complete, earnings will already come. Its quantity will be available in your account. To withdraw it in the future, you will need an UpHold wallet.

How to start making money on the Brave browser

Make Money With The Brave Browser

After a month of use, you will already be credited with the equivalent of five dollars in the number of BAT tokens. This is the principle of primary earnings. But our goal is a referral program. To get a referral link, add a distribution channel as described above.

Now your earnings directly depend on how many referrals you can attract. If you own a blog, maintain a page on a social network, in general there is some kind of audience, then create a post about the advantages of Brave, describe in detail all the advantages of this browser that actually exist, you won’t have to invent them. In the blog post your referral link to download the program. In your personal account you can always watch how many people downloaded the program, how many installed and how much they use it.

If there is no way to distribute the link, then there is an alternative that can be used in conjunction with the first option – box sites. These are special platforms on which they earn on simple actions, where you can earn from 100 rubles per day. Here you can play the role of an employer by creating a task for downloading and monthly use of the browser. The nuance is to pay for such work, you will have to share part of $ 5, and not tokens, and it is dollars. How many people will respond to such a task and for what payment is not known, depends on the description of the task and generosity.

You can earn money with the Brave browser without attachments even on advertising. For this, ads need to be activated in the settings. But this way of earning has not yet appeared in Russia. It is worth hoping for an early appearance, because the list of countries is not small and is constantly updated.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Brave browser

Like any product, Brave has advantages and disadvantages. If the advantages are already known to you, then we have not yet listed the disadvantages. The browser has few disadvantages:

  • Beta testing of the computer version;
  • Lack of support for advertising revenue in Russia;
  • Closing an advertisement may cause losses to some site owners if the income from it occurs when a visitor clicks on it. But in most cases we have a “double payment”, which is already good for the owner, but has already been criticized by advertisers.

On this shortcomings end. Recall that a web browser is no different from its counterparts during normal surfing. There is a fast download speed and lack of advertising. But the main and distinguishing feature of Brave, of course, is automatic earnings on the Internet, just using it.

How to withdraw money from the Brave browser

Withdraw money from the Brave browser

If we say how you can make money on the Brave browser, then it is important to fully know how to get cash, and not just the numbers in your account. Earlier it was said about the Uphold wallet, which must be registered separately. When you register Uphold or if you already have one, you should follow these steps:

  • In your account in the window “Your Uphold Wallet” (“your wallet Uphold”) click on the Connect button;
  • Indicate the wallet number, in the window that appears, the choice of cryptocurrency in which you want to receive a transfer will be available. By default, BAT tokens are set;
  • Tokens will appear automatically in the attached wallet, their withdrawal is possible in basically two ways: to electronic wallets with the usual currency (there are not many of them), through the exchange an exchange (a more favorable rate, but you need to choose a reliable exchange).

All this may seem complicated only at first glance, after the first conclusion everything will fall into place. Moreover, working with cryptocurrency is only developing on the network, you need to be able to work with it.

Reviews about making money on the Brave browser

Analysis of user feedback on their experience of making money in the brave browser shows that earnings are quite real, and the popularity of Brave is growing. Among the reviews there are also positive words about his speed of work. It is worth noting the blocking of scripts that collect personal data for advertising. All this as a whole really affects the speed of opening pages.

Getting money for a referral program works flawlessly. Most users have no problems distributing the program. There were questions about the withdrawal of earned tokens, to which users eventually found detailed answers and resolved the issue.


Brave is a unique project that resonated with the creators of other browsers. No one further decided to remove ads and means of tracking personal data. It was required to find a worthy alternative to those bonuses which advertising on the Internet gives. Not to say that the owners of sites and even more so advertisers from this became easy, but ordinary users definitely remained in the win.

Earlier, earnings from surfing could only be with the help of extensions that brought a penny and further cluttered the program. It seems that Brave marked the beginning of a new race for the user, and for advertisers it was not an easy time.

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