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How to make money in classmates – top 6 proven ways to make money

How to make money in classmates

Such an age-specific social network, like classmates, is not without a possible earning money by any user. A social network is a collection of multidirectional people, and each person is a potential page guest, subscriber or buyer. Earnings in social networks are subject to the same rules, adjusted for the features of the site.

The audience of classmates is specific. The site is used mainly by adults from 30 years and above, which is a kind of advantage for earning. In percentage terms, women use social networks more. You can earn money in classmates without attachments, there are simple ways to do this. But there are more effective methods that require time and, albeit small, but financial costs. Consider the six best ways to earn money in classmates.

TOP 6 proven ways to earn money in classmates

Ways to make money in classmates

Some methods will require certain skills, logic, and perseverance. No decent money comes from the Internet on their own, so it should be understood that sufficient income will require sufficient returns. Meanwhile, a number of methods do not imply special requirements for the user. So, making money in classmates is possible in the following popular ways:

1. Performing simple tasks for money

Completing tasks for money

The easiest way that even a teenager can cope with by securing pocket money. To complete the tasks, it will be correct to create a separate account, since the main profile will become susceptible to blocking very quickly. The reason for the ban is simple – you will have to perform many intrusive actions, receiving a share of dissatisfaction and complaints on the page. The administration of the site represented by the security service will quickly pay attention to the suspicious page. It is in order to avoid losing your original page that you should start a left account.

What simple tasks will be required to carry out, who will give them? It’s simple: you need to put a “class”, comment on the notes, make reposts and join the community. To receive specific tasks, you need to register on the special services that these tasks supply. Registration takes place on your account and this is an additional argument in favor of a duplicate page.

There are different sites for earning money on assignments, but leaders from this area stand out among them:

Vktarget. A site originally created for pumping profiles of users who want to make money on VKontakte. Over time, the site acquired a section related to classmates. Having entered with the help of the left profile you will be taken to the list of tasks. Start by following the links and doing the required actions. Everything is simple, but tasks tend to end. Therefore, it is important to work simultaneously with two sites.

Vktarget - a service for earning on social networks

Prospero. The new promising service allows one to pump their pages or groups on social networks, while others earn on this. The principle of operation is the same as in Vktarget. To increase profits, you should perform tasks on both services.

Prospero - site for work

Such activities in dedication to her 2-3 hours a day allow to earn and withdraw about 2000-3000 rubles a month. Not the biggest, but quick money. Here and now. Despite the simplicity of the method, it is better to devote 3 hours of your free time to the development of other areas better than earning on likes in classmates.

2. Earnings on applications and games

Earnings on games in classmates

Online gaming is the trend of the decade. Millions of users are sitting on social networks, a fairly large part of them are playing online games. If you also have a predisposition and interest in this craft, then income can be made from this.

In online games, there are “valuable” things – atrefacts, inventories and more. People are willing to pay real money for some copies. Many people want to pump the hero of the game not on their own, but for money. Therefore, if you are good at playing, collecting equipment and pumping the hero, then later you can put up for sale a thing or an account. It turns out that online games are a way to make money in classmates for free, because you do not invest a penny. It is always easy to find a buyer, there are special sites – exchangers: goods for goods, goods for money.

Earnings through classmates through games is not only profitable, but also an exciting business. It is difficult to determine the specific income, since the real value of the goods depends only on the fanaticism of the buyer.

3. Earnings in classmates on affiliate programs

Earnings on affiliate programs

Page promotion wizards can apply skills in this direction. Have an audience of thousands? Then half the battle is done. If not, you need to learn how to develop an account, collect subscribers. You can develop both your own profile and the community. The main thing is to gather a large audience.

Having active subscribers reading your posts, you can start advertising. We will advertise products offered for purchase by a special link. Many online stores today are ready to provide a unique link to the product, which you will present in the right light, encourage shopping. In the case of clicking on your link and the subsequent purchase of goods, you are entitled to a percentage of the cost. This is how the affiliate program works – a great way to make money on a group in classmates.

4. Sale of goods and services

In this case, you need to use the site as an advertising platform for your goods and services. You can sell hand-made, or engage in the resale of wholesale goods from China. The main thing again is to have an audience. The goods advertised by you should be sent by you as soon as possible after purchase. The store page should look attractive, simple and open. Copywriter skills are required to present the goods from the right side. Your contact details, addresses and delivery methods, the provision of a tracking track is a prerequisite for work. Community page should not be overloaded with “garbage” or third-party information. Decorate it in the right style, so you can attract more buyers. Selling goods is a great way to make money in classmates on your page.

5. Earnings on video in classmates

Earnings on video in classmates

As you can see, a large audience is well appreciated. Earnings on OK with the help of video also implies the presence of a large number of subscribers. The essence of earnings is as follows:

  • We go to special sites, such as BeSeed and register. In the section for publicists, leave a link to your group or page. After some time, you will be evaluated and offered to post a video;
  • You agree on a price (for views or for clicking the link), post a video;
  • For the appropriate number of clicks or views, you receive income, then withdraw it to a card or electronic wallet.

Such sites do not upload forbidden videos, relations are reduced only to the advertising interests of the two parties, in order to generate income.

6. Earning through advertising

On specialized sites, you can also find advertisers who want to post. The price here will be indicated depending on the number of subscribers, type of record. It is worth noting that posting a post, receiving money and then deleting the post will fail. Compliance is monitored, partnerships may be terminated.

Advertising posts for placement look harmless, there is nothing illegal in them. You can, by prior agreement, create and post your own post, which will contain the desired advertising link.

The amount of earnings directly depends on the number of group members or page subscribers. Having 10,000 subscribers can really earn about 600 rubles on the Internet for posting an advertising post.

Earning on advertising is what most social network users strive for. Many celebrities start their page just for the sake of it. The pages of such celebrities are led by special people who fill it with quality content. It is important to understand that advertising every 2-3 hours is not the right approach. Ideally, advertising posts in the time interval should not exceed 25% of the useful information, otherwise you will quickly begin to lose your audience.

Today, any Internet resource is a potential source of income. It is only necessary to approach him correctly, to look from a commercial point of view. Having learned how to make money in classmates, many run to create accounts, but there is no need for rush in this matter. Account promotion should be targeted and progressive. Even buying subscribers is not the best option. All those who come through promotion services are potentially not living people who will not be of any value.

Making money in social networks is not an easy task, but now that you already know how to make money in classmates, you can choose the most suitable way and start trying. Not soon, this type of activity will bring a stable, especially basic income. But any additional cash in the house is not superfluous.

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