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Earnings as a copywriter (writing articles for money) from 10,000 to 100,000 rubles per month

Earnings copywriter from 10,000 rubles per month

On the Internet you can find many offers for making money. Among them are both dubious offers, and quite real ones. One of such proven and reliable ways of making money online is writing articles for money (copywriting).

It’s good that there are real ways to make money online without cheating, but what about a person who wants to receive a certain amount for a day or a month? One person can arrange 100 rubles a day, another is not ready for income less than 1000 rubles. And someone wants to receive a specific amount per month of 30,000 or 50,000 rubles. We immediately warn that in order to earn more or less decent money on the Internet, you need knowledge and experience.

In this article, we will talk about an affordable way to earn money, with which even a novice can get a good income over time. It will be about copywriting or writing texts for a monetary reward.

The essence of earnings on copywriting and what it is

The essence of earnings on copywriting

What is copywriting like? If you discard the details and other nuances, this is an article writing with the requirements of the customer. That is, you write an article on the desired topics that the customer needs. The customer, in turn, puts forward requirements for the future text. Let’s look at the most common article requirements from customers:

  • The volume of text. Typically, the value is taken as the number of characters in the text without spaces;
  • What headings and subheadings should be in the text;
  • Keywords that need to be entered and how much they need to be specified. Keywords is a single word or a whole phrase, a phrase corresponding to the subject of the text;
  • What should be the uniqueness of the text. As a rule, everyone wants 100% uniqueness. Uniqueness is checked using special services, such as advego or text ru;
  • Nausea of ​​the text. This is the number of words used over the entire article, including stop words such as prepositions. Simply put, if you use the same word too often while writing, the nausea of ​​the text will be high, and it will be considered less quality;
  • There may also be paragraph and heading requirements.

All of these requirements may seem complicated and incomprehensible. But it’s not so worth a little understanding and everything will become extremely clear.

Writing articles is usually divided into various types:

– Rewriting. This is an article writing from available sources. That is, as we wrote an exposition at school from a source in our own words, also here only taking into account the requirements of the customer.

– Copywriting. This is a type of text written from the “head” invented by the author simply speaking an essay. Copywriting is usually called not only the classification of the article, but also the textual earnings.

– SEO copywriting. Articles written specifically for search engines taking into account seo nuances.

– Translation of texts. Very often website owners need to translate a certain article from a foreign resource in order to place it on their site for Russian-speaking users.

By and large, there are practically no differences now from rewriting and copywriting because it is difficult to come up with something new in the global network. Just someone writes better than other copywriters, that’s all.

How to get started as a copywriter and earn from 100 to 1000 rubles on tests

How to get started as a copywriter

Earn with a letter from 100 to 1000 rubles per day can even a beginner and this is not an exaggeration. But before chasing profit, a beginner needs to gain experience. To do this, you need to register on one of the copywriting exchanges and begin to complete tasks for beginners. Such an exchange could be the site of Etxt. ETEX copywriting exchange is a platform where you can earn money for writing articles. The advantage of Etxt is a lot of tasks, both for inexperienced performers and experienced workers.

ETXT Copywriting Exchange

Taking a couple of simple tasks for writing, the very first day a novice copywriter can get his first 100 rubles. And having gained a little experience and rolled up their sleeves in a week, some beginners earn rewriting up to 1000 rubles a day.

Intelligent and hardworking newcomers in the first month earn from 10,000 rubles per month.

We must say right away that, as in any other profession, writing texts is easier for some, and harder for others. But everything comes with experience, the more it is, the easier it is to work.

It is also possible to write texts without a text task from the customer and put them up for sale in the content store. That is, for example, you write on medical topics and post ready-made articles for sale. The cost of such content is usually less, because the buyer buys a cat in a bag without knowing what it will receive in the end. It is not known whether buyers will appear at all for independent writing and after how much time (week, months) someone will buy it.

How to make money writing articles from 1000 rubles per day

Do not be under the illusion that you can immediately get 1000 rubles a day. Although it is quite possible for experienced copywriters to write hundreds, if not thousands of articles, while doing this, it’s been working for more than one year. Some talented copywriters who find regular and well paying customers earn up to 100,000 rubles a month or more. But there are only a few lucky ones.

Generally speaking, quite experienced performers can count on income from 30,000 to 50,000 rubles per month. Everything of course depends on writing skills and diligence.

Top – 5 proven copywriting exchanges for earnings

1. Etxt – One of the best and most popular exchanges for making money, both for beginners and experienced copywriters.

ETXT Copywriting Exchange

2. Advego – An excellent content service, where in addition to writing texts you can perform simple tasks.

Advego - a website for making money on copywriting

3. Copylancer – This is a store of articles with good pay.

Exchange for earnings on articles

4. Text.ru – A fairly popular platform for working as a copywriter.

Text - exchange rewriting and copywriting

5. Miratext – This exchange has one of the highest fees for written texts. But getting into Miratext is not so simple, you need to pass different tests for language skills, etc. The exchange is more suitable for experienced performers.

Miratext Copywriting Exchange

Summing up, we note that the work of writing texts is one of the most affordable ways to get good income on the Internet without investments. After all, even a beginner can start writing articles for money. And with a set of experience, the level of income only increases.

Of course, there are easier ways to earn money, but you should not expect a decent income from such work. Therefore, working as a copywriter is that Internet profession that is available to almost every user and at the same time can become a major source of income.

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