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10 Websites learning Coding Online free for Beginners

10 Websites learning Coding Online free for Beginners

10 Websites learning Coding Online free for Beginners In this all-technology era, coding is a professional skill that is much needed in the workforce.For beginners, learning coding does not have to join a special class as well as in school or college.Because, nowadays there are already websites or websites learning free online coding which can be accessed anytime.

1. Codecademy

Codecademy coding site is quite popular for novice and professional progammers. In fact, more than 24 million people have signed up on this platform.At Codecademy, there are a variety of courses to follow, from the basic programming, and advanced programming languages with interactive learning methods.The programming languages that focus on Codecademy include HTML, JavaScript, CSS, jQuery, PHP, Python, and Ruby.Besides being structured, learning materials on the site are also easy to understand.What’s more, you can practice coding directly on the web.

2. Code.org

Learning coding should start from an early age. Then no wonder, some school curriculum has included coding as one of the common subjects.If you are interested in learning coding without a course, try to visit Code.org website.Here, you can select the learning method as you want and need.There are also
catalogue courses that are divided into age levels, educational curriculum, and universities.

3. Code School

Code School’s Coding learning Platform can be accessed free or paid, guys.The learning methods and approaches on this site are unique. Later on, you can choose your own coding course material according to your educational path or work.The learning by doing ‘ system seems to be the advantage of the Code School site.All your progress and achievement during learning coding can be seen instantly.Code School focuses on several programming languages, ranging from HTML, CSS, Phython, Javascript, Ruby, Elixir, PHP, iOS and Database.

4. KhanAcademy

Of all the sites, KhanAcademy is arguably the longest since 2006.His first teacher was named Salman Khan. Interestingly, step by step learning coding at KhanAcademy is presented in an interactive video tutorial.So, it makes it easy for beginners to understand coding basics.

5. BitDegree

Online coding courses do not have to pay expensive. You just have to access BitDegree site and you can learn coding instantly from basic to advanced.The advantages of the BitDegree site lie in implementing an interactive learning system with game design techniques or called gamification.There are different
types of programming languages you can learn here.Among them, HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript, SQL, and jQuery.

Site Learning Coding Online English

In addition to the above list of websites, some of the following online English coding learning sites are also accessible to you:

6. CopePolitan.com

Website CopePolitan.com can be one of the references to learn coding in Bahasa Indonesia NIH, guys.Here, there are complete tutorials for several programming languages, such as PHP, Python, JavaScript, Java, and many more.Not only the course, there are also articles, tips and tricks, up to the latest news about the world of programming you can read.

7. CodeSaya.com

Compared to other coding learning websites, CodeSaya.com site is quite unique and different.Moreover, this site has interactive coding features. In fact, to date there are already more than 73 thousand members who register and learn coding on the site CodeSaya.com.In essence, CodeSaya is the place for you who want to learn technology, especially the Python programming language, PHP, JavaScript, etc.

8. SekolahKoding.com

At SekolahKoding.com, there are 1,432 learning videos around coding programming languages that can be accessed anytime and anywhere.Interestingly, there is a discussion forum for the members to interact with other members.In addition, there is also a mading feature to see the achievement of your coding results.

9. Dicoding.com

Unlike this Dicoding.com learning site, you will be challenged with some questions by the expert.Later, all those answers will be checked manually and applied the point system for each correct answer.So, you’ll be able to learn coding and programming languages like you’re taking quizzes.Really fun, right?

10. JagoCoding.com

For beginners and professionals, it is suitable to access the site JagoCoding.com.Through this website, you will learn some popular programming languages, such as Python, JavaScript, and Java.Of course, all of them are presented in Bahasa Indonesia. But before, you need to login first using e-mail or Facebook

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