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6 Anticipated 2020 Smartphone Trends

6 Anticipated 2020 Smartphone Trends

6 Anticipated 2020 Smartphone Trends This year’s smartphone trend brings some interesting features such as mechanical selfie camera, onscreen fingerprint sensor, notch variation and three cameras.However, the 2020 smartphone will certainly be much more feature enhancements.

The new year will see a lot of improvements on the side of the software, with new 5G and AI technology Rising and requests for special services bringing new apps and features to mobile phones.Here’s the 2020 smartphone trend, as quoted from Slashgear, recently:

1. The coming 5G

The new Snapdragon launch 865 delivers a lot of ideas by 2020. The latest processors come paired with the Snapdragon X55 Modem, a chip that relates to 5G connectivity.The combination of these two chips can support speeds of up to 7.5 Gbps. Benchmark tests have shown an increase in 855 over 20 percent.However, these technologies depend on the application used and the network it belongs to.

But the Snapdragon has laid the foundation just in time for a gradual launch of 5G across the US on T-Mobile.This may be a low 5G band, which limits about 1Ghz, but this will gradually improve for months after the T-Mobile-Sprint acquisition is complete.The phone maker is sure to respond to this, 2020 will definitely bring more 5G-enabled devices such as the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 5G and the OnePlus 7T Pro 5G.

2. Mental Health Technology

The worries of technology and mental health have encouraged new trends in the development of current applications and telephones.Instagram is now experimenting with eliminating Like features, trying to make social media a less environment.Android makes screen-off mode as a feature in its latest software updates to help users control their use.The company is a little more health conscious, and the trend can seem to affect more applications and devices next year.

3. Subscription service increased

Apple TV is a new precedent for producers around the world.Building yourself in the competitive streaming industry against Netflix and HBO will seem impossible.But Apple found a way to deliver new services to millions of subscribers, by offering free on all Apple devices for a year.Similarly, Apple Arcade
offers mobile gamers at a cost of $4.99 (Rp 70 thousand) per month after a free trial.Users will not be surprised to see other manufacturers with their projects launching the same model effort, in hopes of winning long-term commitments.

4. AR, 3D Mapping and AI

There is little way to test the processor and the big screen is with Augmented Reality.At a glance on Instagram and Snapchat, mobile users can say AR technology has become the mainstream.AR mapping technology is already available for users to create all kinds of creative and funny filters and overlays.The Google Pixel 4 sensor Panel on the forehead bezel can also offer many things to learn by new phones.

We can see the 3D mapping technology integrated into the phone, such as the 3D head scanning sensor that comes in the underestimated Sony Xperia XZ1 2017.The phone will also be smarter. Snapdragon has taught the new 865 processors how to manage the power efficiency better (by 35 percent, according to them); How to recognize what is on the screen and on the camera; And deep learning based on usage.

New processors multiply AI capabilities, so there is more capacity to process the data required for effective AI decisions

5. Double or fold screen

Samsung and Motorola produce many positive and negative reactions with their folding screens.However many manufacturers still want to follow in their footsteps of developing folding screens.Flexible OLED display. Microsoft seems most advanced. Microsoft Surface Duo and Neo offer great flexibility in multi-tasking and display mode options.The device is thought to be supported by a high screen refresh rate such as 90Hz on the OnePlus 7T Pro and Google Pixel 4.

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