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5 Business strategies that entrepreneurs need to know

5 Business strategies that entrepreneurs need to know

5 Business strategies that entrepreneurs need to know : Strategy is an important ammunition in your business competition. In running a business, a strategy has an important role that can make a business successful or even unsuccessful.Therefore, in order for the business to be developed can compete then the business must have the right business strategy.Here are five important things entrepreneurs need to know in order for the developed business to be successful

1. Notice quality standards

The growing business in Indonesia is very diverse, but the business that pays attention to quality standards is still in the category not maximized.Entrepreneurs who want to succeed in their business should pay attention to the quality in products or services sold.Starting from the quality of taste (if the food sold), the quality of packaging, the quality of raw materials, until the quality of service to the customer must be adjusted to the prevailing standards.

2. Register your Business HKI

IPR or intellectual property rights include many things, from patents, brands and geographical indications, industrial design, to copyright.HKI is very important to be known by entrepreneurs because your business innovations have a commercial value that can bring profit to the company.

This advantage can be distorted if the entrepreneur does not protect his intellectual property.For example, the brand you create is used by other parties with low product quality.It will certainly affect the image of your product in the customer’s eyes.But because there is no protection against this intellectual property you can not stop the counterfeit activity of the brand or require the other party to be responsible even if the intellectual property is your creation.

3. Utilize social Media for promotion and explanation of product Info

Promotion and explanation of product info is one of marketing strategy to get acquisition for company.One way to increase sales levels is to utilize technology, such as social media.Through social media, you can increase the popularity of your product or company profile and it’s easier to reach
customers.First, create content for quality marketing so it’s liked by many people.Popular content that will continue to be shared and bring positive influence to your business.Furthermore, continue to respond to customers who interact with your company’s social media accounts.By seriously responding to consumers, your account will continue to grow in number of followers

4. Include Customer Testimonials

In addition to increasing promotions, listing testimonials on the company’s social media accounts and products proved to attract consumers.Prospective customers will be confident of using your product after seeing testimonials from previous subscribers.Therefore, including consumer testimonials beforehand is also a surefire business strategy to increase sales.

5. Advertisement

advertisement can be interpreted as the support or direction given to the product and is done by people who have influence, such as community leaders or artists.If one has an influence to give support to a product, this will cause many people to buy the product because it believes in its speech.In addition,
the brand that you produce will be much more famous with this endorsement system, this activity has been done by entrepreneurs, especially the owners of online shop.Promotional practices with this endorsement system can be found on social media on Instagram, Facebook, and on Youtube channels.

The artist’s number of followers plays an important role in endorsement system success.The more the number of followers, the greater the success of this promotion.To succeed you need to implement a business strategy appropriately.Don’t be stuck to one strategy that’s effective for you.Always make corrections to make performance improvements to avoid loss.Hopefully useful!

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