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5 future technologies that become common in 2020

5 future technologies that become common in 2020

5 future technologies that become common in 2020 : Predict the future we have done since long ago, and after a few millennia, humans have predicted the future many times, through the horoscope, the aura of the body, and others.However, there are some types of predictions we do more often than others.Predicting future technology is one of them.The future of science fiction works gives us a glimpse of the possibilities in the future, but, the best way to see what will happen in the future is to see what is happening now.What goods are often sold, where the direction of the world progresses, and the opinion of the public gives the best view of how the future of our world.With that in mind, here are 5 technologies that are thought to be common in 2020.

1. Holographic Display

The holographic display is currently getting closer to the realization. A California company called Ostendo is developing a chipset that can have a video to be projected in a diagonal field of 48 inches.If combined, these projectors can create more complex images.In fact, the projection keyboard is realized. HP is developing a 3D interface for smartphones, and there are rumors that the next generation iPhone has a holographic interface feature-3 dimensions or 2 dimensions

Holographic Display

A Chinese company named Takee has even launched a smartphone that can display 3D images by detecting the movements of its users ‘ eyes.This Smartphone can even respond to finger movements, so that users can use it without having to touch the screen.Just imagine how this technology can evolve 5 years ahead.

2. 4K Technology

Not only TV, broadcast, streaming media, and cinemas will adopt the standard 4K (Ultra High Definition) at 2020, or at least according to a survey that was recently conducted by the satellite operator Intelsat, almost 2/3 respondents argued that 4K will be common in 5 years.

4K Technology

Currently, it is quite difficult to find content that has 4K resolution to display on 4K displays.That’s because hardware and software makers are setting up content protection standards from piracy.This will result in costly prices in the market. But, as the technology grows generally, the price will decline

3. Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is one of those technologies that tech lovers have long dreamed of, if traced from 1980.But now, virtual reality starts to come true. The biggest name in the virtual reality field is Oculus, which is already planning to launch its icon headset, Rift in the next year.But there are also some Big Companies develop this technology.

Virtual Reality

The biggest obstacle of this technological development is the speed it takes to create an image that matches the user’s movements.But, virtual reality developers are developing a way to overcome this.Virtual reality is not just for games. Medical personnel can use it for education or preparation of operations.Architects can use it to create projects in an impressive 3D view.Business meetings and teaching processes can be done without having to meet each other.

4. Multiple computers, one system

The difference between your phone, tablet and laptop is becoming increasingly invisible.Microsoft Surface Pro, Lenovo Yoga, and Asus Transformer are examples.Tablet-sized phones, phone-sized tablets, laptops with mobile designs, and mobile devices with laptop-like functions are also examples.Because of this increasingly converge development, it makes sense that Microsoft is creating its latest operating system (Windows 10) for all devices.So, PC, Windows Phone, and even Xbox will use the same operating system, namely Windows 10.Apple is somewhat hesitant to incorporate its PC operating system (OS X) with its mobile operating system (iOS).But it does not stop Apple from facilitating cross-platform development.For example, the “Continuity” feature in OS X 10.10 allows users who have an iPhone or iPad to view and respond to their mobile notifications from their PC.

Multiple computers, one system

Android offers the same features, but only for computers that use Chrome OS.For those of you who want to get the same features on your Android without having to use Chrome OS on your computer, you can use Pushbullet.All this adds to the fact that gadgets in 2020 will not be determined by their size or operating system.Gadgets or computers in the future computers come in phone,laptops, and tablets are commons

5. Truly Global Internet

If you think the Internet is human rights (some countries also start to think about this), then you should find a way that people can use it anytime and anywhere.Currently there are only 2 methods (broadband and wireless), both are still limited to access remote areas because it requires adequate infrastructure.So why not radiate internet to remote areas? This sounds like science fiction, but it really isn’t.

Truly Global Internet

Google believes that it can transmit wireless Internet at 3G speeds to remote areas with its project called Loon Project.How? By releasing special balloons as high as 20 miles to the atmosphere and establishing a wireless internet network in the air.Google also plans to send 180 satellites that will orbit the Earth and emit the Internet to developing countries.Facebook also plans to create a solar-powered drone that will fly around non-stop Earth in every few months or several years, “watering” the earth with Internet access.

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