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8 best fast charging apps for Android

8 best fast charging apps for Android


8 best fast charging apps for Android One of the most popular mobile operating systems today is Android.If you have been using an Android smartphone then you may face battery problems too!Smartphones consume a lot of battery when used with Internet. In addition, we didn’t have much time and patience to wait for them to be fully charged.So how do we charge a smartphone battery faster? Just like an Android phone that is in demand, there are a variety of applications that have been developed that help users to charge their phone faster.This app is the best in terms of helping you extend the lifetime of your battery.The app works really well if you want to save battery life and make it last longer and even improve charging speed while your phone is charging.Some of these applications even have additional features such as clearing unwanted cache data that will help smooth the functioning of your smartphone

Does charging app for Android really work? Now there is nothing magical in Android charging app.It all restricts some of the apps running in the background that are consuming too much battery.You’ve probably heard that keeping your phone in flight mode while charging decreases charging time; Cellular network consumes battery.The fast-paced charging app works by optimizing your phone to use less battery by limiting background activity and features.Read also the untrue Smartphone myths! Now if your phone has a special skin like MIUI or EMUI then you can find the Battery saver feature in the settings.This feature exactly works as a fast charging app. All you have to do is activate this feature while charging your phone.If you’re using a Huawei smartphone, then you’re in luck. Because EMUI comes with a battery saving mode that if turned on when charging reduces the charging time to 50%.I use the 6x honor and this feature charges my phone in almost 1:30 hours, while the normal charging time is 2:30 hours.

1 – Super Fast Charger

This is the most popular and recommended fast charging app to boost your charging speed.This app allows users to stop unwanted background battery draining activity.Not only does it have this but it also contains a lot of premium features that are completely free.You can download this from the Google Play store and also guide you about the temperature, technology and voltage of your smartphone so that all of these details give you a better idea of your phone’s battery usage and how well you can Using it for efficient use.

2 – Dr. Battery

Another best charging app with a value of 4.5 in the Google Play Store, this app is a brilliant combination of RAM booster and battery saver.You are provided with some advanced features to increase the charging speed up to 10 times the normal charging speed.The app even informs about battery status and time remaining for survival.It has a optimize button, and with just one simple tap on it, you can stop all unnecessary tasks from your phone.

3 – Super Fast 5X

According to app developers, super-fast charging apps can help you charge your phone five times faster than normal time.It also shows information about the charging rate, voltage, and temperature of the phone.This is a free app so you can get amazing features by just downloading the app from the Google Play Store.

4 – Fast Charger

This is the best combination of Android cleaners and fast charging apps, it not only boosts your charging but also helps remove Android smartphones that help make your smartphone run more smoothly.

5 – Battery Guru

battery Saving application for Snapdragon based devices. This application helps you to optimize the battery life of your smartphone.This app does not even require user configuration as well. The app provides a seven-day trial period in which it tries to understand the functionality of your phone and then solves your battery problem.This app is quite unusual and different from the rest.

6 – Du Speed Booster Pro

Now, this app automatically cleans up unwanted cache files that help you remove lots of junk from your phone.The best thing about this app is that they also have an anti-virus app that will help you save your phone from Trojans, malware & viruses.The combination of optimizing battery life, anti-virus, and cleaners is the best one worth a try.This app is completely free to download and has other great advantages as well.

7 – Go Battery Saver

Other fast charging apps that will help you save a lot of phone battery.This app even helps users to improve the battery performance of their Android smartphones.Whether it’s a new phone or an old smartphone that uses this app can help you optimize your battery life.If you have this app on your phone, then the charging process of your phone becomes very easy as it gives you all the necessary details.

8 – Battery HD

very unique and productive application to save your phone battery.It’s an easy-to-use application that can easily be collaborated with any device.This application provides detailed calculation time of how long you can use your phone with all running applications at the same time.Even give the alarm time to recharge your phone battery.So what else could be better than this? So this is the best downloadable fast fill app to charge their phone faster and save battery for a longer time.

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