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14 Future Sophisticated Technologies

14 Future Sophisticated Technologies

14 Future Sophisticated Technologies Have you ever been amazed by the future technologies in the fictional films?It could be that you think what impact is happening if the technology is realized.Sooner or later, future advanced technologies will manifest. In fact, there is already materialized today.Here’s a list of future advanced technologies that are already and will materialize.

1. Autonomous Car

Autonomous Car

Self driving car is a car vehicle that is able to carry its passengers without having to be driven by a driver.The system works with a dedicated sensor camera that detects movement and environment around the vehicle.Then the image of the camera is processed with intelligence made to determine the direction and purpose.

2. Hoverboard


Flying Skateboards are already there and sold on the market. The Self balancing scooter was going to be a trend.But actually what is expected in the future is a skateboard-like device whose use is completely without wheels and can fly drift.There are already some companies that develop them and perhaps you will be able to see the more sophisticated the tool is in the near

3. Handphone Hologram

Handphone Hologram


Hologram is a technology that can be used for a variety of purposes such as education, entertainment, or business.With holograms, you can see the visuals of an object in 3D (three-dimensional) via mobile phone.

4. Flexible Mobile

Flexible Mobile

The future technology of flexible phones is initiated by Samsung. The South Korean company developed a screen that could be bent and folded.In the future, that can be a trend is not a mobile phone with a thin model, but the body flexibility to make it easier for users to save their phone.

5. Clothing folder Machine

Clothing folder Machine

Lazy folding clothes at home or tired because the clothes are piled waiting to be folded?In a moment, there will be a machine that will help you with this machine wrap, you only have to hang the clothes that you want to fold and then immediately processed by the machine.

6. Smart Shoes

Smart Shoes

Advanced technological developments of the future are one of the smart shoes.These shoes can detect the user’s movements of walking, running, and climbing.Later these smart shoes will send information such as distance traveled, speed, up to the number of calories.This sophisticated shoe is powered by a battery for 60 days.

7. Hyperloop Trains

Hyperloop Trains

The development of advanced technology in the world of Hyperloop transportation began to be introduced by The founder of The Worry Company, Ilon Most.Ilon means driving large cities to develop with fast, safe, and able to accommodate many passengers.With Hyperloops, 20-40 passengers can travel a speed of 1,700 kilometers per hour.

8. Flying Cars

Flying Cars

Flying cars will be realized soon. This car is like a vehicle in movies.The Man With The Golden Gun, one of which began as the British Detective Agency series, James Bond.Soon you can see this technology drift in the sky.Cars can run on land and air. Users also need pilot certification for the safety operation of this flying car.

9. Space travel

Space travel

Developments in the space world are also very rapid. In the moment you can enjoy this.Start looking at the moon and the Earth in an air vacuum from space.The United States Space Agency, NASA, is working on this and you can register a 2019 space trip.

10. Laser Guns

Laser Guns

The development of military technology believes the laser weapon will be next generation.The prototype tested laser weapon is capable of destroying small vessels, shooting heart missiles, and unmanned aircraft.But this senajata has not been able to change the face of war in the world because it has not been produced in large numbers.

11. Robot Soldiers

Robot Soldiers

Army robots are also predicted to be the world’s most advanced technological development object in the military.Computer size and computation as well as reduction of human victims are a strong reason for countries such as the United States and China to develop this technology.

12. Teleportation


Teleportation has so far been found in paper and scientific research journals in the form of mathematical equations.However, if the mathematical concept exists, it can be teleportation can be a future development in the real world.Teleportation is driven from the wormholes due to Einsten’s theory of relativity and grativitation as the concept of space and time.This tool is predicted to be completed in the upcoming 2035.

13. Baby Design with genetic engineering

Baby Design with genetic engineering

CRISPR gene editing as a technological development of the future. With this technology, you can choose a child who has a smart, healthy, and beautiful level.China has tried to perform a human embryo CRISPR gene editing to design babies with several characteristics.It is a sophisticated and “terrible” future development technology.

14. Weather surveys and party selection with Artificial Intelligence

Weather surveys and party selection with Artificial Intelligence

James Bridle’s latest project would like to point out that weather conditions will influence voting on elections.Then build the Learning Museum, predict the election results based on weather conditions.Random Indeed, but in essence this technology has been widely used in this real life although the user is said to be the early stage and need further refinement in the future

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