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Microsoft is Preparing Surface Phone

Microsoft is Preparing Surface Phone

Microsoft is Preparing Surface Phone, As rumored for many years, the project of a high-end smartphone manufactured by the team in charge of surface appears to become more and more specific, American Website Windows Central is convinced.

Microsoft is Preparing Surface Phone

for the occasions, we realize not many things on Surface telephone. if not it is without a doubt arranged in Microsoft Office. However there are numerous hypotheses to spread and issues to be tended to. In these columns, we do not have the habit of talking about some wild rumors, and if we are talking today about this project is that we have every reason to believe that Windows Central and its sources have been considered right.

Between Canceled Projects and Restructuring

Behind the “Surface Phone” Microsoft actually hide movements in Microsoft teams and games of power between leaders. In 2013, Microsoft announced the acquisition of Nokia’s mobile division which now occupy the development of smartphones of the company. The surface team will therefore not have space to create its Surface Phone.

Two years later, Satya Nadella is now CEO of Microsoft, who did not support the takeover of Nokia Mobile. Job cuts announcements will then essentially target the new mobile division of Microsoft, until the departure of Stephen Elop, former CEO of Nokia, and the appointment of Panos Panay, former head of the division surface, head designing each Microsoft device.

During this transition, several projects disappear, as this Nokia Mercury tablet designed by former Nokia teams and planned Surface Phone for 2016 was to use an Intel, for the first time in a Windows smartphone.

Surface Phone or Panos Phone

After his appointment, Panos Panay wants to standardize the design of Microsoft devices. For this, he started designing a new phone by the teams of the Mobile division. Internally, this phone is called the “Surface Phone” or Panos Phone, and its mission is to again shine the mobile division of Microsoft. We know nothing more about this phone yet. We imagine that it could reuse the joint work of Intel and Microsoft on the phone with Intel canceled.

When presenting Surface Book, Panos Panay said that the purpose of the surface team was to always upset a market when it comes and inspire other manufacturers. Hard to imagine, for the moment, that the surface team could invent in the sector already busy manufacturing smartphones, where every month released a new flagship with a new gimmick.

Regarding the release date, as each flagship operating system editor, the Surface Phone is expected to be released with a major release of Windows. So instead releasing the Surface Phone between June and August, it would be released after October with Windows 10 Redstone 2. We can expect an announcement in late 2016 with a Surface Pro 4, Surface Book 2 and Microsoft Band 3.

Can Surface team save Windows Mobile?

Surface Phone is eagerly awaited by fans of Windows Phone for many years. To meet the standard, it must offer what it does best in material terms, a very high end and different design, and also differentiate the device from the rest of the market. When Satya Nadella announced the new strategy for Windows Phone and reducing the Microsoft catalog, he probably thought the surface Phone evoking a phone “is our biggest fans.” Will this be enough to save much on the Windows Mobile smartphone market?

While the Surface Pro is now a great success both critically and commercially, to the point that Microsoft’s competitors are based on the products of the firm. We can not say that this is the case of all Microsoft products. In fact, when looking at anything Microsoft product, the Surface Pro is currently more an exception than the rule. The latest example, the Surface RT, born at the same time as the Surface Pro but could not save alone Windows RT. The surface team must create a technological object, but is totally dependent on the work of the Windows team. Surface Phone may be the best smartphone on the planet but if Windows 10 Mobile does not solve the lack of application or does not catch the features of its competitors, then the team’s efforts will be in vain.

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