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Why Galaxy S8+ is better than iPhone 7 Plus

Why Galaxy S8+ is better than iPhone 7 Plus

Why Galaxy S8+ is better than iPhone 7 Plus

Why Galaxy S8+ is better than iPhone 7 Plus

We provide there 25 reasons that why Galaxy S8+ is betther than iPhone 7 plus. If you have time and you want to learn more about smartphones stay with us and
read our other topics and including stay with us and give us your response what you want next from us with comment.

1) Infinity Display
Samsung Galaxy S8+ has huge Screen Display rather than iPhone 7 Plus. Therefore Galaxy S8+ Is Better Than iPhone 7 Plus

2) Futuristic Design
Samsung Made Galaxy S8+ Smartphone Like Future Phone. S8+ Designed in Great Metal Body. Every person liking this design very fast.

3) Virtual Reality
Samsung Galaxy S8+ has virtual reality in using gear. Its perfect rather than iPhone 7 Plus. Therefore Galaxy S8+ Is Better Than iPhone 7 Plus

4) Fast Charging
Samsung Provide Great Charging Adapter. Very Fast Charging Adapter that charge Galaxy S8+ just within 30 minutes. This is a great charge time. Its 20% better
than iPhone 7 Plus Charging Time Speed.

5) Wireless Charging
With Addition Fast Charging Samsung Galaxy S8+ Also Support Wireless Fast Charger. But iPhone does not support this one.

6) Headphone Jack
Samsung Prove a new headphone jack. Latest Technology Jack this is. Galaxy S8+ Also Support Too Much Accessories Like New One Camera and Mic etc.

7) Micro SD Slot
iPhone get paid for his storage always and does not support SD Cards. Galaxy S8+ has the option to expand your memory upto 256GB.

8) USB Type-C
The Galaxy S8+ uses Type-C Port. Which is a new standard and using in more and more new devices like Mac Books etc. Type C Port Benefit is that it used for
too much faster data transfer speed.

9) IRIS Scanner
Samsung Claims that IRIS Scanner is 100 times more secure than finger print scanner. Which is very important and you can you it like a agent.

10) Quick Camera Launch
From any screen you are using in Galaxy S8+ you can jump over Galaxy S8+ Camera by double tap the power button. You can use it and catch more photos without
wasting your time to find camera icon.

11) Camera Features
Galaxy S8+ Camera comes with too much new features that cant seen before and you cant see these features in iPhone. One of these features is that you can
watch relative photos online with put any photo using camera. You Can take video using both front and back cameras at the same time.

12) Customization
Galaxy S8+ provided with hundreds of themes that you can use and customize your Galaxy S8+ with your own choice. But iPhone never gives this feature. You can
change your Galaxy S8+ looks wide.

13) Ultra Power Saving Mode
Samsung provide Ultra Power Saving Mode Feature in your Galaxy S8+ that can extend your Galaxy S8+ battery life for several hours again use.

14) Samsung Pay
Samsung Pay and Apple Pay doing same thing. You can pay using your phone by Samsung Pay or Apple pay. But the difference is that Apple Pay is accepted on 0.5
Millions Locations All over the World But Samsung Pay Accepted over 30 Million Places.

15) Edge Panel
This Panel Provide Your Minded Customization and Look better. You can add there your favorite apps and shortcuts. You can use them with just a swipe over

16) Split Screen Multitasking
Samsung add multitasking feature in his new Galaxy S8+. One of these features is Pinter task. Using this you can pin any type of screen view at the corner
for using in another app like you can pin your number pic to calling this number.

17) Separate App Audio
Samsung Galaxy S8+ has an option to play an Audio using an App like your music app from the other apps of new phones.

18) Smart Select
On Galaxy S8+ You Can take a selective smart screen short exactly what you want on screen without hassle and crop any thing on screen shoot. You can extract
text on screen in shorts like copy and paste things in normally.

19) Smart Stay
Your screen works along when your watching your phone. When your eyes turning away from your phone this feature turn off screen automatically.

20) Notification Cues
Galaxy S8+ has a great feature called notification cues. You can see your notifications just on the front screen of your Galaxy S8+ Physical LED lights with
specific color like Yellow and Blue Color.

21) No Camera Hump
Samsung Galaxy S8+ has Camera this is plane with his back body. But iPhone 7 has a dump on Back Camera.

22) Create A GIF
When you are watching a video like on facebook you can create GIF on this video with this feature.

23) Secure Folder
Its too much secure folder in you Galaxy S8+. Before it Microsoft used it in Windows 7, 8 and 10 named bitlocker. You can use it to secure your apps like
facebook, twitter and like you bank account apps. It is Ultra Secured App.

24) Scheduled Messages
With S8+ you can save scheduled message at the any future time send. S8+ send this message on the same provided time in the future.

25) Clipboard
At the finally last but not least. You can use copy and paste on every smartphone but S8+ provide 20 copies saved at his clipboard at the same time.

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